Missed opportunities on a grand scale at our grandest racemeetings. Specifically; Australia.

*The  greatest  occasions  in  racing  are  usually  witnessed   at the greatest   racecourses  in  spring  racing ,  autumn  and  winter. Success   in  this arena brings  much   prestige  ,wealth and  status   building  reputations are  greatly  enhanced, professionalism and  re* investment*  ensures  continual sustenance  of  energy  and *financial support within the industry. both in Australia    and overseas. however, most of the *glamour * and* magic* enjoyed  by us  at the  races can be ” froth  &  bubble:”however, too much tunnel  vision is   prevalent  by those that should know better , their inability to interpret  raceday accurate track conditions  being beyond  them.   Horses 4 courses is able to advise clients  relevant and truer raceday track conditions, simply because  horses 4courses is able to'”  think outside   the box ” due to having many more  varients at its disposal,also,many of  the theories .,expunged by so-called    ‘experts’ of  horseracing  in Australia  have too few nuances of horseracing in their brains, inviting in bias &   predujuice into their mindsets , which take the place of highly prized nuances .Empirical data is not used in the formulation of these     ”  theories”.


essential; broad parameters.

As an introduction to my very first blog ,I will try to explain what H orses 4 courses is about. As humans, we are highly inadequate in proficiency in many subjects of learning and discussion, ie, black and white thinking and communication, with too few variants of subject matter, in our brains.Lacking proficiency, biased ideas flock into our learning where our factual  varients and nuances   should be, leaving faulty decisions  to prevail,causing mass confusion in formguides world-wide .

For  instance, race meetings conducted at Flemington,Rosehill and Morphettville on Saturday 20th December  2014, were given out as GOOD  by the authorities. The Correct and Actual readings for all these tracks on raceday should have been FAST!! Whilst this may sound trivial to you ,foundationly,ability to assess  truly track conditions is an art in itself.

Horseracing in  Australia is lacking correct  and  relevant  raceday  track  conditions.  If  not  the  true  settings  then  all  form  guides  and  patrons  world wide  are  inadvertily  deceived  costing  millions  of   dollars  in  returns  .

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