An Example of how Horses 4 Courses intervention may have helped outcomes

Helmet 2011

In Horses 4 Courses opinion…

An example of an intervention by Horses 4 Courses may have saved the whole industry millions of dollars in earnings, lost time, reputation, stud fees, enjoyment, pride and prestige and increased stud receipts and pedigree valuation.
In the situation of the champion Helmet:

  • Helmet champion two and three year old colt of Australia,
  • At Caulfield in Helmet’s three year old year.
  • The race: 2011 Caulfield Gunneas.

The Caulfield Guinneas is a race run annually in the spring and is recognised as a stallion making event and knowledge of the culture of the Caulfield Guinneas is essential. This race has a peculiar “culture” specific only to itself. Stay within the bounds of the “culture” and Helmet would or should have won easily with everything going for him. However, this “culture” is unknown in racing.
That day, without the guidance of such a service as Horses 4 Courses the circumstances worked against the horse, who experienced an extremely tough run in transit placing great stress on the champion. Helmet still won but at great cost to his career.

Horses 4 Courses advice would may have included:

  • Strategy for race (Owners and Trainers)
  • Tactics for Jockey ( Race tactics during event)

Had Horses 4 Courses been involved with this case the result may have been different. The status of the horse, the stud fees and future earnings may have been more lucrative.

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