Missed opportunities on a grand scale at our grandest racemeetings. Specifically; Australia.

*The  greatest  occasions  in  racing  are  usually  witnessed   at the greatest   racecourses  in  spring  racing ,  autumn  and  winter. Success   in  this arena brings  much   prestige  ,wealth and  status   building  reputations are  greatly  enhanced, professionalism and  re* investment*  ensures  continual sustenance  of  energy  and *financial support within the industry. both in Australia    and overseas. however, most of the *glamour * and* magic* enjoyed  by us  at the  races can be ” froth  &  bubble:”however, too much tunnel  vision is   prevalent  by those that should know better , their inability to interpret  raceday accurate track conditions  being beyond  them.   Horses 4 courses is able to advise clients  relevant and truer raceday track conditions, simply because  horses 4courses is able to'”  think outside   the box ” due to having many more  varients at its disposal,also,many of  the theories .,expunged by so-called    ‘experts’ of  horseracing  in Australia  have too few nuances of horseracing in their brains, inviting in bias &   predujuice into their mindsets , which take the place of highly prized nuances .Empirical data is not used in the formulation of these     ”  theories”.


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