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Improve your returns by consulting with Horses 4 Courses .

60 years of experience. We’ll show you how!

For race goers, the races are conducted in beautiful environments. The athleticism between horse and jockey is a revelation. The whole show is extremely entertaining and enjoyable.

Improve your returns?

There are unnecessary mistakes being made within the industry that lack in accountability & professionalism, that prevent the evolution of the industry. This lack of knowledge contributes to financial losses of billions of dollars each year. These billions are investments made by patrons, sponsors, punters etc.

An example of this can be seen in the case of Helmet during the running of the 2011 Caufield Guineas

Intellectual evolution is required within the industry.

Let us show you how!

Horses 4 Courses is competent in the following areas:

  1. Race day correct and relevant track racing conditions
  2. Tactical aspects and tactical theory
  3. Nuanced ideas on the importance of pedigree
  4. Career settings for your horse
  5. Just and fair protest decisions
  • Safe distances to enable the horse to be competent
    within it’s capacity.
  • Race day racing patterns if they are appropriate.
  • Confused or misinformation to form guides that may
    be inaccurate.

For example: 3 and 4 wide is OK provided you have cover etc.

Our Insights can provide the client, clarity through a valued second opinion.

Over 60 years experience!

Horses for Courses is confident of its  ability to provide useful information that could assist to make quality decisions to the racing industry and race fans.

Horses 4 Courses is an independent source, clients are not bound by any guidance or opinions given. It always pays to have an informed second opinion.


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